Hunterdon County Canoe (and Kayak) Club

"The Friendly Paddlers of New Jersey"

Hunterdon County Parks Arboretum
Rt 31 Clinton Township, NJ
Mailing Address:
Hunterdon County Dept. of Parks & Recreation
P.O. Box 2900
Flemington, NJ 0822-2900
7:30 PM, 1st Tuesday of each month with some exceptions (see the program schedule).

The Hunterdon County Canoe Club meets in a Hunterdon County, NJ Parks building but is not part of the Parks Department. We are an independent private club.

We are doing much of our communicating to members through our Yahoo Group. You can either join as a full member or join as an email member only. Email members get group emails but don't have access to the web site features. Both types of membership are available by entering your email address in the box below and clicking on the "join" button.
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